Pyone Maung Maung

Southeastasianet (SEANET) Technologies Myanmar Co., Ltd

Managing Director

U Pyone Maung Maung is a Myanmar-based businessman with commercial interests in IT, engineering and media sectors. He was a co-founder of the Myanmar ICT Development Corporation, the country’s first IT center; the Myanmar Times publishing group, (the country’s only media business with foreign investment) and a founding investor in the Phnom Penh Post media group. He embarked on a career path in Singapore and the United States, which began at General Electric (USA) Hermetic Motors Operation Private Limited, before moving on to Texas Instruments Inc. In the early-1990s, after his stint at Seagate Technology where he stayed for five years, he returned to Myanmar and established his core business, the CE Technology group. In 2003, he established Southeastasianet Technologies MSC Sdn Bhd (SEANET) to manage and operate CE Technology’s regional ICT systems integration business especially in IndoChina. In 2014, U Pyone set up a JV company – Southeastasianet (SEANET) Technologies Myanmar Co., Ltd which is one of the leading VSAT service providers today. U Pyone is a 1979 graduate of the prestigious Rangoon Institute of Technology, which has trained most of Myanmar’s senior technocrats. In 2002, U Pyone served as the President of ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASEAN CCI) for a two-year term. An ardent horseman, he is the current President of the Myanmar Equestrian Federation.

- Speaker at Peering Forum

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